Keen to evolve our products and markets, we dedicate a considerable share of our time to Research and Development. HARRY PLAST is continually on the lookout for the latest innovative products and materials. We therefore provide a tailored response to their specific needs and can offer them new solutions.

Our sales team is always there to offer advice and go through the information needed to assess and determine the best product with will allow optimum use for our customers.

Recognised for the quality of our products and services, we are pleased to announce that HARRY PLAST was awarded the INPI Trophy for Innovation for the Nord-Pas-de-Calis region in March 2002, and was awarded the Euro-Region Trophy (Kent-Medway, Belgium, Nord-Pas-de-Calais) in April 2003.

In the course of its development work, HarryPlast works with Anvar (the French National Agency for the Advancement of Research) and Adème (the Agency for Environment and Energy Management).


A few examples :

  • RAY-O-LINE (polypropylene) bags for manufacturers of tablecloths and household linen. This recyclable product was designed by Harry Plast as a replacement for PVC in order to meet environmental needs
  • Chronopass inflatable pouches, a product developed by our engineers at the request of carrier Chronopost for the shipment of fragile items
  • Barrel lining envelopes : a solution developed by our R&D division to minimise the impact of pollution from the cleaning of barrels used for paints and toxic chemicals