100 x Size 1 Opaque padded envelopes 200x230mm

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100% Waterproof, tamper-proof, recyclable, opaque, secure, impact-resistant
Reference : EBISTAN001
Largeur : 200 (Int.180) Hauteur : 230 Rabat : 40

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100% Waterproof, tamper-proof, recyclable, opaque, secure, impact-resistant - 100 par colis
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Opaque plastic padded envelopes are ideal for confidential shipments by post  With a high level of protection and totally secure

our range of opaque padded plastic envelopes feature an 80 micron co-extruded polyethylene film, a white exterior surface suitable for writing on or affixing labels, and a black interior for secure shipments, with a flap sealed with tamper-proof HotMelt adhesive and reinforced seals.These padded envelopes are highly tear-resistant and offer the best impact protection for your shipments.

These plastic padded envelopes are 100% recyclable, being manufactured from a single material, and pose no danger to the environment: the opaque plastic padded envelopes do not give off any toxic gases during combustion.

Outer plastic film and outer polyethylene bubble film.

Our mailing bag range is the ideal solution for home delivery, mail order and e-commerce shipments  Use Harry Plast's shipment solution and your package is ready to post.

Size 1 Opaque plastic padded envelope format specifications :

Interior dimensions: 170x230mm

Exterior dimensions: 200x230mm

50 mm flap


The benefits of size 1 opaque plastic padded envelopes :

100% Waterproof

100% tamper-proof

100% recyclable

100% opaque

100% secure

100% impact-resistant