12 x 48 hour isothermal envelopes

Isothermal mailing envelope An ultra-high performance isothermal packaging solution for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products
Reference : EIISTAN003
Dimensions intérieures utiles : 250 x 335 mm Dimensions extérieures : 310 x 420 mm Épaisseur totale : 80 mm / Poids total : 500 g
Availability: In stock Isothermal mailing envelope An ultra-high performance isothermal packaging solution for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products - 12 par colis
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To address the various issues involved in conserving the cold chain during shipment, Lisotherme and HarryPlast have joined forces to develop a 48 hour isothermal envelope that provides a reliable solution to the problem of protecting temperature-sensitive products.

Effective for standard shipping times: 24 hours, 48 hours or longer, the envelope will protect both fresh produce and pharmaceuticals as well as other items sensitive to fluctuations in temperature such as electronic goods or medical consignments.

A totally unprecedented form of packaging

Ultra light and compact, the isothermal envelope is the perfect way to minimise shipping costs. This mailable packaging is also designed to protect against impact. The envelope is primarily made up of two 40mm shockproof insulating layers, made from 100% natural recycled material. A protective envelope is inserted between these insulating layers with wide seals specifically designed to avoid heat bridges. A second opaque, secure outer envelope protects the entire isothermal packaging unit. The envelope's special outer surface, designed to be tamper-proof, waterproof and tear-resistant, also allows you to write directly on to it or to affix labels or adhesive media (stamps, document holders, etc.)  

High-quality and easy to use

Those in the commercial sector also have a need to ship products and temperatures of between 2 and 8°C.  They also have a need to make shipments under different climatic conditions -- in both summer and winter -- while still guaranteeing the same product conditions to customers. The condensation-absorbing refrigerant inserted into the core of the envelope is perfectly suited to this type of isothermal packaging, allowing consignments to be maintained at a constant temperature of between 2 and 5°C throughout shipment. Conventional eutectic salts cause deterioration to sensitive products, exposing them to sub-zero temperatures and therefore having a freeze-thaw effect. The gel designed by Lisotherme  eliminates this risk by creating a 0°C surface temperature.

Easy to handle, the isothermal envelope does not need any complex assembly procedure and offers very short package preparation times. With your product inserted into the double envelope, simply seal the opaque envelopes with the tamper-proof seals and your consignment is ready to ship, as easy as posting an ordinary parcel. Your product is then completely secure.

The isothermal envelope is a packaging solution that is considerably less bulky, minimising storage space required and streamlining transportation and handling.

This envelope was designed in close collaboration between cooling specialists Lisotherme and Harry Plast, specialists in packaging.Sharing this expertise has enabled us to bring you a solution for maintaining the long-term freshness of your products and produce.

By replacing isothermal packaging such as cardboard boxes, the isothermal envelope offers new guarantees and services to meet the demanding requirements for your shipments :

High-Performance, Secure and Shock-proof, Light, Easy to store, Easy to handle


Effective internal dimensions: 250 x 335 mm

External dimensions: 310 x 420 mm

Total thickness: 80mm / Total weight: 500g

Packaging: in cases of 12

Complies with the NF S99 700 standard for the shipment of temperature-sensitive products for 48hrs ST48 c and d. ST72 c and d.

French (INPI) registered patents 1101357 and 110081

Guidelines for use : An isothermal pouch containing 1kg of condensation-absorbing refrigerant exposed to a mean outside temperature of 18°C will guarantee that the consignment is maintained at below below 8°C for 48 hours 

The product specification sheet for our isothermal envelope is available in English, along with complete information on isothermal packaging    For use as a replacement to cooling bags and cooling boxes for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products