Harry Plast is a plastic packaging manufacturer.


For over 35 years, Harry Plast has been developing and manufacturing plastic packaging solutions within a sustainable development ethos.

From our raw materials to our manufacturing and waste processing, our entire manufacturing chain is ISO 14001 compliant and has agined us INPI recognition.

Driven by a desire to supply high-quality products while striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible, Harry Plast's teams give priority to packaging made from polyethylene plastic, a plastic material that is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.


Some examples of our plastic packaging products:

         Bags and sacks               Packaging materials
 Padded envelopes
  Biodegradable bags    Cardboard packaging
 Bubble wrap
  Paper bags    Shipping containers
 Kraft padded envelopes
  Kraft paper bags    Bubble film
 Mailing bags
  Rubble sacks    Stretch wrap
 Mailing boxes
  Carrier bags  
    Bag manufacturer