Terms of Sales



    The act of placing an order implies that you comply fully and unconditionally with the general conditions of sale. Except where expressly agreed, no condition to the contrary may be enforced against the vendor.

  2. TOLERANCES  (only on bespoke or custom products)

    Quantitative and qualitative tolerances are governed by industry guidelines on the use of polyolefin films and wrapping, which the vendor will provide to any client upon request.


    Except where any prior written agreement is made by the vendor, delivery times are given for information purposes only. Any delays do not entitle the customer to cancel the sale, refuse the goods or claim any compensation whatsoever. In any event, delivery times will be extended in the event of a force majeure.

    The following are normally deemed to be a force majeure: total or partial disruption to the vendor's staff or that of any of their suppliers or carriers due to strike, fire, flooding, a manufacturing incident, shortage of raw materials etc…


    Goods travel at the customer's risk, whatever their destination and method of carriage.

    Where delivery is entrusted to a carrier, it is the customer's responsibility, in the event of any damaged or missing item, to make any necessary observations on the delivery dockets and confirm their observations by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 3 days following receipt of the goods.


    Without prejudice to the foregoing, the customer shall notify the vendor, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, of any discrepancy within one week following receipt of the goods. Beyond this time limit, no claim will be considered.

    The discrepancy will not be acknowledged until the customer has allowed the vendor to ascertain the condition of the goods.

    In the event of any acknowledged discrepancy that is flagged within the aforementioned time limit, only the repair of the goods in question or the replacement thereof, or potentially equivalent items to the maximum value of the goods, may ensue, with no other compensation whatsoever payable by the vendor, who reserves the right to choose the most appropriate option.

    In any event, any return of goods shall be subject to prior written agreement by the vendor.


    Goods are supplied at the current price at the time of ordering or at the price stated in any quotation or price list, which will only be valid for 30 days from the date of issue or publication.

    These prices are given in euros.

    Invoices are payable in full and without any discount, except where otherwise agreed.

  7. LATE PAYMENT  (only for deferred payments subject to prior agreement)

    The vendor retains full, exclusive ownership of goods sold until the corresponding price is paid in full.
    Any amount unpaid by the due date will give rise to :
    - Late payment interest at a rate equal to one and a half times the statutory interest rate set by current legislation.
    - Any outstanding debt being immediately repayable in full in the case of staggered payments.
    - All invoices not yet payable being immediately due in full.
    - The suspension or cancellation, at the vendor's discretion, of any current orders.

    It is expressly agreed that any invoice recovered by a debt recovery service will be subject to an additional penalty set on a fixed-rate basis at 15% of the amount due, with a minimum penalty of 100 euros.

    Furthermore, in the event that the customer is subject to credit deterioration, a lowering or cessation of the cover granted by the vendor's loan insurance provider, the vendor may, at their discretion, amend the payment deadlines or require collateral.


    Should the vendor be deemed liable for any goods supplied, the maximum amount of compensation payable will in no case exceed the price paid by the customer for the goods or service in question.

    In any event, the vendor is not responsible for any effects caused to other property by its goods and/or any direct or indirect damage, except for damage to persons.


    The vendor retains full, exclusive ownership of goods sold until the corresponding price is paid in full.

    The surrendering of goods will take place at the purchaser's risk and expense.

    The purchaser shall refrain from reselling or modifying the goods until the price has been settled in full.


    Any dispute whatsoever will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Trade Tribunal of Valenciennes, which will be duty bound to act under French law.